This website is a compilation of art and design projects mostly from my undergrad classes, some from my gap year before graduate school.

A shocking 5 years have passed since then, I'm now in the midst of updating my professional portfolio, which is a designer's way of saying "I'm in an existential crisis". Now looking at these projects, how unapologetically distant from real-world problems they are, I feel both a little embarrassed by and jealous of my past self. 

Still, people have looked at them and appreciated them. Not because they are good, I suspect, but because they showed who I was before I put the "UX Designer" label on myself. 

I will never make a little zine of a fictional story without any real plot, with images and texts found from old books in the library again. But there was a time that I genuinely thought that was something worth-making. It brought joy to me and a few others, and I was proud to have made it. 

So here it shall live, with all my other silly projects, for a whopping cost of $9.99/month that is my adobe subscription. Just to remind myself, that besides my lofty career and life goals, to create a little fun and delight for those around me. 

Check out my instagram below for more recent art. On second thought, maybe one day I will make another little zine from old library books again - never say never. 
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