Claire Yi is an aspiring designer graduated from Pomona College, California, with a degree in Environmental Analysis and a minor in Studio Art. Grew up in Shanghai, she became interested in sustainable urban design and started pursuing architecture and urban design for the majority of college. After finding herself much more drawn to the versatility and inclusivity of design in technology in summer 2019, she decided to switch path to Human-Centered Design and Human-Computer Interaction. 
She is passionate about the intersection of sustainability and technology, and hope to apply her skills to make urban living more inclusive, pleasant and sustainable. She believes in the power of beautiful and functional designs as well as the random, the humorous, the inchoate yet thought-provoking trivias. 
Aside from the conventional creative tools like the adobe suite and a sketchbook, she is learning programming languages like Python and JavaScript for an understanding of what design could achieve as well as skills to bring her thoughts to reality. She also keeps an ongoing note of 'potential multi-million dollar ideas', 'friends' descriptions of love' and an album photos of funny license plates in her phone. 
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