During an internship as a furniture designer in 2020, I generated a series of ideas in attempt to blend the 'fun' and 'poetry' which I loved in graphic design into the 'simplicity' and 'comfort' that is valued in functional design. Some of them have been turned, or are in the process of becoming, products on shelf. 
The process was enjoyable, when people expressed their appreciation for the 'non-conventional' thinking in a conventional product industry; but difficult, when quality of the design isn't the only factor in making a marketing decision.
Love Poem, Bed
Teakwood, Print on Canvas
"Words, any words, your laughter; and you so lazily and incessantly beautiful. We talked and you have forgotten the words." by Jorge Luis Borges (1934)

Elf, Rack
Acrylic, Metal (Painted)
*Product in development at Hancock Home

Flowerman, Sidetable
Oakwood, Steel, Glass
"If you're going to San Francisco /Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"  Scott McKenzie, San Francisco (1994)

Valentine, Chair
Acrylic, Polyester
*Product in development at Hancock Home

Twist,  Chair
Oakwood (Painted), Steel
Software: Rhino 3D, Keyshot
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