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Sankt Hans Torv is a is a public square in the heart of the Nørrebro, a lively neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is dominated by a large granite sculpture by Jøgen Haugen Sørensen. The square is filled with lively sounds from the café, surrounding traffic, water sounds from the fountain and occasional bells from St. John's Church just across the street. During most of the days of Copenhagen's long, cold winter, however, the square appears harsh: the lack of shelter and all the sounds from sound sources contribute to the 'unwelcoming' ambiance. 
This soundscaping urban redesign project at DIS Urban Design studio aims to resolve the issues of lack of sound barrier, lack of peripheral protection around the edges, disorganized bike parking, lack of shelter and lack of connection with its surroundings that exist in the square with its current design.
After conducting extensive site research, sound intervention experiments and user pattern analysis, I reconceptualized the square identity as a green connector where the bustling shopping street westward, the historical buildings on the east and south and a quieter mix-use street on the north converge. Inspired by the organic shapes of waves and the footprint of the historical booth, the edges are softened and the central space of both the square itself and the adjutant open space are sunken 2ft into the ground to create a feeling of protection. Tiered steps with native plants and flexible seating are provided along the 'waves', facing the central booth which was elevated with seating/stage extension. The central space is designed for all kinds of social interaction. Visually extending the organic waves to the open space near the church, it is designed to be a more spacious, quiet spacial transition to the church itself. 

Site Research: Observation study on user patterns

*1,2,3,4,5 marks the spots for sound recording

*A,B,C describes 3 methods of sound intervention studies

Overview of Redesign Strategies

Design Components:
-Speakers imbedded in the tiered stairs that plays ocean sounds to mask traffic sounds
-Shallow Waterline in the abstracted shape of the hexagon structure footprint to encourage interaction with the square
-Standing tables by cafe to create alternate dwelling options and create watching opportunities for adults when their kids are playing
-Waved, raised bike parking structure along the peripherals of the square to reorganize bike parking
-Native plant planters along the wavy line seating
-Tiered Seating at the bus stop with shelter
-Drawing board on paving to provide recreation opportunities for children
-Movable, playground furniture on the east side open space

Final Board

Section Views

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino, Keyshot
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