The Honnald-Mudd Library is an under-appreciated space among students. The labyrinthine layout, dingy interior and uncomfortable furniture have disappointed many who expected a Harry-Potter-esque atmosphere. Perhaps the only aspect of our library that lives up to its movie counterparts is the immense book collection, much of which hidden deep in the confusing hallways on each floor. I came across a bookshelf filled with old folios that are barely held together by their binds: Roman architecture drawings, star atlas from the Hubble telescope, a book that contains only prime numbers... One of them, titled Small Deaths, pictured many small dead creatures the artist had collected or been gifted with, and then recolored in photographs. That to me, seems like the perfect metaphor of the falling-apart folios, the overlooked library, and perhaps many other things and places in our world failing to catch up with time. 
Notes on Small Deaths is prompted by a library themed assignment. The only instruction is to use images of things found in the library. 
Front and Back Cover
Page 1-2
Page 3-4
Page 5-6
Page 7-8
Page 9-10
Half-letter print on paper, 17'*11'
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
Original Images derived from: The Art of Andrew Wyeth, Domenico Tiepolo: The Punchinello Drawings by Adelheid Gealt, The Hubble Atlas of Galaxies, Giotto: frescoes in the Upper Church of Assisi, Small Deaths by Kate Breakey.
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